Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Check it off the list...

Two years ago, the kids and I (yes, you did the math right, Jacob was 6 weeks old and enjoyed the show from the sling!) joined my sis and her girls for a performance at Wolf Trap. In trying to prepare Andrew for our day, I told him many times we were going to see a puppet show with his cousins...when we got there, my sis informed me that indeed, it was not a puppet show, but some guy named Steve Songs. Somehow I had looked at the schedule wrong, and thought we were going to a puppet much for preparation! Well...from that morning, we were hooked! We came home and downloaded music, searched for future performances and joined his fan club!

Last summer brought Steve Songs back to Wolf Trap...and we were once again in the audience! This time with nanny joining us :) After the show, Andrew and I decided that daddy would have really enjoyed it.

One of the activities on our list for this summer was to see Steve Songs and to bring daddy! It was a Marvelous Day filled with smiles, laughter, singing dancing...and of course, lots of heat & sweat!!! Those of you who are familiar with Wolf Trap's Theatre-in-the Woods, know it is HOT HOT HOT back there!!! Luckily, the threat of rain seemed to have kept some people at home, so at least we weren't packed in there, like we have been in previous years! We left with SS new CD and have already been jammin out to it!


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