Saturday, November 13, 2010

say cheese...

as promised, the whole slice on "the pop shop".... i told you that my sis had mentioned seeing this place on "throwdown with bobby flay" and that it was somewhere in the philly/nj area. we checked google maps on our way up to jersey and couldn't really tell how far out of the way it would be. we checked again when leaving jersey and it seemed to be only a few miles out of the we figured, heck let's do it! it'll be an adventure.

after a little coaxing from my mom & sis, i called the restaurant (we were about 30 mins away from there), and gave them our story, hoping it would get us somewhere. i explained that my sis had seen them on the show and that we were traveling home to dc from the jersey shore...and that we wanted to take a detour to try their cheese! after being placed on hold for a minute, i was told that there would be a table waiting for us when we arrived :) we were beyond giddy!!!

our table :)

the official bobby flay throwdown!

need i remind you that we had eaten a BIG BREAKFAST only a few hours earlier and none of us was hungry....that was, until we saw the menu. yes...30 grilled cheese sandwiches. i must say though, that they weren't really all "grilled cheese" sandwiches. some of them were your typical hot sandwiches, with cheese. for example, the "dayton" is your typical monte cristo sandwich...and the "madison" is like a caprese sandwich. that said....they are all served super toasty and gooey...which makes it all SO much better!!! i decided to stick to a somewhat basic grilled cheese and ordered the "stokes", which included bacon and tomato! my mom went classic too, with the "grant" (double bacon, hold the tomato). my sis decided to try the bobby flay creation, leigh style...which means sans bacon (damn vegetarians!). after tasting each other's, we decided these sandwiches were a SLICE ABOVE THE REST, but it's best to keep it simple...stick to the basic sandwiches if you really want to taste a grilled cheese that is out of this world!!! they were beyond yummy and well worth the detour! in fact, we may make this our usual stop on our annual trip to the jersey shore :)

i'll leave you with a pic of the cheese...

warning...while this sandwich may appear to be real, it is only a picture. please do not attempt to eat this sandwich :)


The Pop Shop said...

Thanks so much for visiting us at The Pop Shop! We are always especially excited to have out-of- towners try us for the first time. Glad you liked your grilled cheeses. My favorite is the Stokes and the Calvert. Hope to see you again.

Mommy's Time Out said...

Thanks for commenting! We will DEFINITELY be back!!!

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