Wednesday, February 9, 2011

to play or not to play....that is the question

so....i'm much do you actually play with your child(ren)? i have to admit, a bit of "not-so-perfect mommy" syndrom has got my conscience. lately, i find that many times when the boys ask me to play, i say no....for some reason or another. i feel like i have a million things to get done and i'm forever using those "things" as reasons not to play. i mean, don't get me wrong, i definitely play sometimes, but i feel that more times than not, i'm passing on the opportunity. when i sit and think about it for a second, it seems so backward. they're only going to be kids for a short while.....the laundry, dishes, work, etc will be there forever!!! right?
i definitely think there's something to be said for the boys learning to play together, as siblings, and also for them to learn to play alone. much is too much?
my children and i also have VERY different personalities. while i am a results oriented person, both my boys are more task oriented. they enjoy the "task" of putting together hundreds of train track pieces, lining up hundreds of cars and rummaging through thousands of legos to build the perfect creation. me, i'd rather just see it all put together, and play with it! this causes an issue for you can imagine! it is not only work, but i would say BORING and ANXIETY INDUCING for me to have to actually sit down and do such tasks!
anyone else feel this way?
and when i do sit down to play with them, i find that i am easily distracted. example...we'll be playing cars and suddenly i'll find myself sorting through the cars for "donation worthy items"....rather than creating the traffic scene i was contracted to work on. if we head to the basement (aka legoland), i will sit for a minute or two, but then i will find myself cleaning out a file cabinet and shredding 6 months worth of old bills.
i have no attention span for this kind of play....and if you couldn't tell...i'm starting to feel bad about it! should i???


DEREK said...

sounds like your husband needs to help out more...maybe not work so much and give you some time to yourself

Mommy's Time Out said...

oh just want an excuse to play legos and cars!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not good at that kind of "play" either. I like to think we get a pass though, because there are other things we do well as moms... Who is awesome at kissing boo-boos? Who reads "Bedtime Kiss for Little Fish" 90 million times? Who explains how food goes from your plate to your poop or where babies come from? We all have our strengths!

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