Wednesday, August 3, 2011

sometimes you just have to laugh...

believe it or not, my sweet little jacob has developed quite the not-s0-sweet little 3 year old attitude! don't get me wrong....he's throwing nothing at me that could even compare to andrew at age 3, but he's definitely trying his best!
the other day both boys were giving me a run for my money...ok, let's be honest....they were driving me absolutely NUTS-O and i was at the end of my rope. it was one of those days when i really felt i had spent the whole day playing referee and losing count of who was in time out more!
after one of jacob's time outs, he put together this ensemble...NO PANTS, HIS RAIN BOOTS AND A CUTE LITTE HAT! it was all i (and andrew!) could do not to laugh....and then i quickly showered both boys with hugs and kisses! they really ARE cute!!!


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