Tuesday, March 1, 2011

i'm on a high....

a sugar high, that is!!!
holy yummy cupcakes is all i can say!!!

last week i received an email inviting me to an "exclusive behind-the-scenes peek at the new sprinkles cupcakes in g'town...an intimate gathering exclusively for DC area bloggers...meet founder and food network star candace nelson....spoil your dinner with cupcakes and champagne."

ummm....yeah...that was a no brainer...i quickly rsvp'd that i would be there! i'm not gonna lie, i was super excited all day today. i felt like a kid on my birthday...and i was gonna top it off with cupcakes!

look at those beautiful cupcakes!

no...this is not some sort of subliminal message (remember....i had champagne tonight! no preggers here!)

the evening did NOT disappoint! being one of the first to arrive, i had a chance to chat with candace (who btw is a mom of 2). we enjoyed a glass of champagne while talking about kids, baking, how she manages her time, how she (or maybe her husband, depending on who you ask!) came up with the name "sprinkles"...and much more. i was given a tour of the beautiful shop...front end, bakery, kitchen....and the event room upstairs. i'm telling you now...i want my next bday party there!!! candace could not have been nicer...she is such a sweetheart! and...her cupcakes...OMG! i've had quite a few in my time, and i'm telling you...these are THE BEST by far! i tried red velvet, banana and peanut butter chocolate (no, i'm not a pig...they were minis!)...PLUS i got to try my hand at icing a cupcake with candace too!
candace showing us how to ice

just a FEW of the candy toppers! they have everything you can imagine (sports, letters, greek letters, colleges, etc!)

all in all it was a great evening! the only thing i'm disappointed that i didn't get to ask candace, is what hair products she uses :) she has amazingly perfect curly hair....hair i can only dream about!

ps...sprinkles is just a few doors down from derek's office...i see LOTS of cupcakes in our future :)

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