Tuesday, April 26, 2011


i am officially registered to run my first half marathon!!! on the one foot, I can't believe it and at the same time I am super excited! two of my neighbors will be running it too, so we all plan to head there together. whether we will run together is questionable....based on our varying pace times.
now...the funny thing (or not so funny really) is that I'm icing my foot as I type this blog. yes, that's right....my foot, not my knee. i did a challenging 6.5 mile run on Sunday....and felt great afterward. yesterday afternoon while walking to pick up Andrew from school, I felt this intense pain in my foot. it then became worse and began to radiate up through my heel and into the back of my ankle. by the end of the day, I couldn't put weight on the foot without feeling a lot of pain. hoping it was nothing, I iced it last night and took advil. i was super excited when i didnt feel pain upon waking up this morning. well....that lasted about 5 minutes....and then the pain was there.....and it was BAD!!! I quickly found a podiatrist that took my insurance (thank god for the internet!!!) and was luckily able to take someone's cancelled appt this morning. long story short.....I am developing plantar fasciatis. doc gave me some immediate things to help with the pain and then sent me back to the running store to buy inserts for my shoes. the inserts make me feel like i am walking on pillows.....they are awesome! and the best part....they've helped minimize the pain!
so....no running for a little while....until I'm 90% pain free....docs orders! but as long as I don't have pain, I can walk, bike and do the elliptical. hmmmm.....this sounds all too familiar to my knee rehab not too long ago!!! if it's not one thing it's another, right!?!?
but....I am DETERMINED to do this half marathon!!! (disclaimer for mom and dad who are certainly putting on their parenting caps right now.....i will be smart and take it easy. i promise I will only work within my limits!)

so....who wants to join me or come cheer me on?????

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