Monday, July 7, 2008

Long time, no post I know I said I wasn't going to slack anymore and I'd keep the blog updated. Hmmm...guess I was wrong about that one! I honestly forgot how when you have a newborn around, time flies by throughout the day and you are ridiculously exhausted by the time you have a few minutes to yourself in the evening! And to think...Jacob even sleeps during the did I EVER get anything done when Andrew was an infant?

That brings me to today's post...hopefully pictures will come tomorrow! Anyone who knows anything about Andrew as a baby, knows that we fully relied on a product called "Miracle Blanket" in order to get a few hours (sometimes even minutes!) of sleep when he was an infant. We became so addicted to the Miracle Blanket, that we used it up until the day that our pediatrician told us we absolutely could not use it any longer, as Andrew was just too big for it. I guess at some point, you have to let your children move their arms and legs when sleeping. If you ask me, I think it's overrated! Before giving up the MB, we actually thought about having Derek's mom make a larger sized one, but decided it was probably not in the best interest of our child and his growth. So, we reluctantly gave up the coveted MB, worked our way through some rough nights, and eventually we had ourselves a MB-less sleeper.

So, at about 36 weeks pregnant, I made my way to Buy Buy Baby to purchase a MB for Baby Banocy #2. Of course, I had to buy cream colored, because we didn't know if we were having a Sophie or a Jacob. Jacob has proven to be a good little baby...doing just what he's supposed to, poop, sleep and cry. However, I must confess, Jacob is now 3 weeks old (I can hardly believe it!) and has been sleeping in his car seat every night. He much preferred this, to the Pack-n-Play, in which he would only stay asleep for brief amounts of time. Since the pediatrician told us this was perfectly normal (and ok) for newborns, we decided to stick with it. Hey, whatver you can do to get some sleep, right! Well, we decided last night, to give the good ol' MB a whirl and it has once again lived up to its name. It truly is a MIRACLE blanket! Jacob slept for a 5 hour stretch, woke up to eat and then slept for another 4 hours!!! So, for those of you who want to check out this MIRACLE, you can find it at or your local Buy Buy Baby. I must warn will feel like you are turning your baby into a burrito when you are wrapping him/her for the first time...don't worry, once your child sleeps well at night, you will feel no guilt about this! Here's to making MIRACLES happen!


The Welde Madhouse said...

I SECOND the Miracle Blanket! It worked like a charm for our three. We needed a miracle for our first born. Thankfully, our babies got easier as we had them in all regard. Regardless, it is a baby staple I recommend to all moms! I have one on order for my husband! ;)

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