Tuesday, July 8, 2008

SUM fun in the morning

In a constant effort to enhance Andrew's math skills (or usually in an effort to simply entertain him!) we play a lot of math games around here. For example, when Andrew doesn't want to eat what's on his plate, we play "plate math." It goes something like this...
ME: "Andrew, how many blueberries are on your plate?"
ANDREW: "Five"
ME: "If you eat one, how many will be left?"
Andrew then eats one and counts again..."Four."
The game continues until all of the blueberries are eaten. Sometimes I can't believe this simple game gets him to eat the food on his plate...AND...teaches him math at the same time.

This morning, Derek and I were in the bathroom doing our morning routine, when Andrew came in. He said, "Hey, there are three of us in here. One, two three." After counting us, he stepped just outside the bathroom door and then said, "And if one left, then there are two in the bathroom. One, two."

Oh, Nanny (she's a retired math teacher) must be SO proud!


jodi said...

Oh! I will have to remember this for down the road! How fun! We've been working on counting to 10 and she pretty much has it down (although sometimes 10 is 2, but we're close). I love these little tricks.

janet said...

oh, how proud i am...not only of andrew's math skills, but of his whole person. actually, my 4 grandchildren are all amazing little people...and their parents are the reason!!!
sorry for the bragging!

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