Saturday, August 16, 2008

Side by Side Comparison

Jacob had his 2 month checkup on Thursday. We both survived the 4 shots and 1 oral vaccination he received!

His stats...
weight: 11lbs. 13oz.
height: 24 1/4"
head circumference: 15 1/2"

At Andrew's 2 month checkup (he was actually 11 days shy of 2 months) his stats were...
weight: 11lbs. 15.5oz.
height: 22 1/2" (Andrew reached 24 1/2" around 4 months)
head circumference: 15 3/8"

News to note at 2 months...
Jacob is holding his head up...smiling...laughing...following sounds with his eyes and head...and last but not least...Jacob is sleeping an average of 8 hours at night!!! (hope I'm not jinxing anything by typing that)


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