Monday, August 18, 2008

Size me up

I'm a list maker...a task oriented person. Yes, I'm one of those people, who after completing a task, gets a certain high from marking it off my list. Side note - this is another feature I LOVE about my new has a notes application! I'm so anal about this notes thing, that when I do something that's not on my list...let's say, I decide to clean the kitchen (ha!)...I will then add "clean kitchen" to my list and quickly delete it or cross it off! It feels SO good to mark things off my list! I am constantly adding to my list at all hours of the day and even during the night.
Some of the things on my list right now are; upload pictures, order pictures and finish Jacob's thank you notes (I'm still waiting for him to write them himself!). Just about every day, I think to myself, "Oh, I'll do that tonight." Well, once again those things are NOT being marked off my list, because instead, I'm sitting here typing.
Anyway...on to the point of this story...
One thing that does not even earn a place on my list, but is secretly always there, is to return to my pre-pregnancy weight and be able to comfortably fit into my clothes. While I have only squeezed myself back in to one pair of my pre-pregnancy jeans and nothing else (I'd like to think it's because maybe I was just too skinny then!), I did buy a pair of shorts at AT Loft and another at NY & Co...both in a single digit size!!! Some people say that stores like these actually "downsize" their clothing to make women feel better about themselves (ie...a size 8 is really a 10 or 12). To that, I say are brilliant...and you just made me a shopper for life!


jodi said...

That's awesome, way to go!!!

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