Saturday, August 2, 2008

a simple equation

9 adults + 4 kids + 1 week + 1 beach house = endless fun and many memories!
(ok...maybe a few moments of bickering and short tempers too)

Craziest moments of our family vaca to the beach...

1 - Andrew asking "Are we there yet?" when we hadn't even exited the city of Alexandria
2 - Andrew not sleeping AT ALL during the 5 hour trip (even after we woke him at 6am!)
3- Jacob having a massive "blowout" on me on day 2 of our trip - can we say "holy crap" was ALL over!
4 - What's irritating? 1 kid screaming in the car. What's more irritating? 2 kids screaming in the car!
5 - Andrew throwing an absolute temper tantrum and fit when we tried to get him to go to the beach! Are you kidding??? Didn't we just drive 5 hours to get here???
6 - Andrew throwing a 30 minute tantrum protesting brushing his teeth...even though he knew putt-putt was waiting for him!

My sanity saviors during our vaca...
1 - coffee, coffee and more coffee - no decaf here baby!
2 - beer, beer and more beer - create your own 6-pack at food lion!
3 - wine, wine and you got it...more wine! - yes, my breast pump came in handy
4 - me, the beach and my book - for 2+ hours straight (thanks derek!)
5 - night out with derek, leigh, eric and chris
6 - walks/runs with my beloved iphone...remember, it's an ipod too :)


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