Monday, December 8, 2008

it happened to me...

when andrew was a baby i read an article in a section called "it happened to me", in one of my parenting mags. it was a story about a baby who was inconsolable, so the mom called the pediatrician. after bringing the baby to the doc, they found out that the baby had a string from inside her sock, wrapped around her toe. as moms, we hear lots of stories, but for some reason this one has always stuck in my mind. so much so, that i make a habit of checking the insides of socks, before putting them on my kid's feet.
well...apparently checking socks wasn't enough to keep this from happening to my own baby! i had one of those "scary mom moments" on sunday morning. when jacob woke up from his morning nap, i changed his diaper and the decided to cut his toenails. upon taking his feet out of his jammies, i noticed that something just didn't look right about one of his toes. it almost looked like it was pinched into two separate pieces. at first glance, i thought maybe it was just a fat know, babies get those in the strangest places. but it didn't take long before i had a bad feeling about this toe. i looked a little closer, and indeed, could see there was or had been something wrapped around it. his toe was almost perforated around the middle. derek & andrew were at basketball, so i was alone in the house. i quickly called my next door neighbor and her husband, who is an EMT came right over. he agreed that something had wrapped tightly around it, perhaps a string form his jammies. he checked it out and thought it looked ok...blood was flowing in and out of the toe, he didn't see any string remaining and jacob didn't appear to be in any pain. he gave me some things to look out for over the next few hours. when derek came home, about 10 minutes later, i explained everything and he wanted to take a closer look because we both still thought it looked like their was something wrapped around the toe. he got out a magnifying glass and could see something...with careful use of tweezers, he pulled a long piece of my hair out from around jacob's toe! somehow, my hair had not only gotten into his pajamas, but it had managed to get wrapped very tightly around my baby's toe!!!
luckily, we were able to remove the hair before anything detrimental happened to jacob's toe. the toe is definitely swollen and still a bit torn, but i think with neosporin and some extra kisses it will be okay.
of course, being the joker he is, derek said to me (after all was ok), "i keep telling you i like your hair short. you really should cut it!"


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