Thursday, December 11, 2008

thoughts from a 4 year old (well, almost!)

much to my disbelief, andrew will be turning 4 tomorrow! it is absolutely crazy to me how quickly time goes by and i honestly cannot comprehend that he is almost old enough to go to kindergarten! this morning, while andrew and i were playing, i grabbed him into my arms and said "andrew, i can't believe you're going to be 4 tomorrow!" from there, our conversation went something like this...

me: "how is it possible that my baby is turning 4?"
andrew: "oh, i don't know mom."
me: "you're getting so big. can't you just stay a kid forever?"
andrew: "i don't think so. the people inside me just make me grow and grow and grow until i'm a fearless giant!"

at this point, i began laughing out loud! andrew sure does know how to keep me laughing! he just cracks me up!!!

we have a fun weekend planned for his birthday. tomorrow after school, a few friends from his class will be coming over for a playdate. on sunday, we are having a "race car" birthday party with friends and family. it should be lots of fun and pictures will be posted next week!

i'll leave you with 2 pictures of andrew and his amazing case you can't tell, in the first pic he's directing airplanes on the runway (yes, those are train tracks he's using!) the second he is flying the airplane (he said the train bridges on his feet, are the rudder pedals)!!!


staci said...

Happy happy birthday Andrew! Please tell the little people inside you to slow down, you're growing so fast and we want to cherish every moment of you growing up and becoming such a big boy. Have a very happy birthday and a great weekend! I miss you so much and can't wait to play together soon!

jodi said...

What a smart little (or big, I guess I should say!) boy! My goodness, he just looks huge in those pictures, I wasn't ready for that. I hope I recognize him when you guys get here ;)

Happy Birthday Andrew Chubub!

Rebecca said...

Hi Amy!
Happy Birthday to Andrew! I can't believe he is 4! I hope you are all enjoying the holidays and had a great birthday celebration today!
Rebecca :)

PS I started a blog of my own and linked yours, hope its ok - if not let me know :).

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