Friday, January 30, 2009

catching up

i honestly can't believe how far behind i am on posting to the blog. we have just had so much going on and it seems that every time i plan to sit down at the computer, something else comes up. i just put jacob in his crib for a nap, with the hopes that he'll sleep and i'll play catch up. of course, i should probably be folding the laundry or cleaning the pile of dirty dishes from last night's book club...but alas, i will type instead!

as many of you know, we were in the ER with jacob last sunday after he fell off the changing table. as it turns out, he has an inguinal hernia. the ER doc (who was wonderful) was able to push it back in, but he will now need surgery to repair/close the canal. while the hernia only occurred on one side of his groin, they will close the canal on both sides, for preventative measures. he is scheduled for surgery on tuesday, feb 10th at 10am. as news of this has spread through email and of course facebook, i am once again reminded how blessed we are to have such amazing friends and family! and while many of you are not physically by our side, i know without a doubt you are by our side in thought and prayer. thank you so much for all that you have offered to help us with during this time. i am keeping a positive mindset and am so thankful that jacob did not have any permanent injury caused by his fall. of course, no parent wants to watch their child endure any kind of pain. however, as we sat in the ER with jacob, and watched him undergo a ct scan, ultrasound and some painful physical maneuvering, i kept thinking to myself "this could have been so much worse." there are people who live their lives in and out of hospitals with their sick children. i feel for these parents and what they must go through day in and day out. if you have children, give them an extra hug and kiss today and be thankful that you are blessed by their presence. they are a gift and we must cherish every moment we have together!

as i type this, i cannot help but also think of my mom and aunt, sitting by my grandma's bedside. as they've described to me, she knows she is dying and seems to be peace. she is mentioning people who have passed on, whom she has not talked about, let alone even remembered in years. i honestly believe these people are there by her side too, as she spends what may be her last moments here and begins to pass on and join them on the other side. taking us all by surprise, my grandma lived to celebrate her 86th birthday yesterday. while she's not able to be on the phone, i did sing happy birthday to her and i know in my heart she heard it.

grandma roz, my prayer for you right now is that you know how much love you have brought into this world and the many lives you have touched. you are an amazing woman! you taught mom and judy how to be great moms, who in turn have taught the same to your four granddaughters. i am so glad that you lived to see not just one, but two great grandsons born into our family. we did it grandma...we have boys in this family! i know you still can't believe it! i love you and i want you to know it is okay to let go. we all love you!!!


staci said...

OY! ...we are so blessed.

Rebecca said...

So glad to hear Jacob is going to be okay! I can't imagine how scarey that was....

Praying for your grandma, it's so hard to watch someone go, but so much easier when they are ready...thinking of you all.

janet said...

what beautiful things you said about grandma. i couldn't have said it better. she loved unconditionally, and taught judy and me to do the same. she cherished the love of her husbands, and her sons-in-love, who she considered her own. she adored her 4 granddaughters and her 4 great grandchildren....what a gift she was to all who knew her.
her time to go will come soon, and although we all will miss her, we will know she is in a better place....and that one day we will be dancing up there with her!!
love you so much....mommy

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