Saturday, February 7, 2009

changing time

picture're out to dinner at what you would consider to be a "family friendly" restaurant, when your smell something quite unpleasant. you immediately recognize the odor and want to get of rid it as quickly as possible, before anyone else catches a whiff. you grab your child out of his high chair and quickly make a dash for the ladies room. much to your surprise there is NO changing table in the bathroom. before letting out a scream, you compose yourself and realize it must be in the handicapped stall, where they so often are located (why, i'm not sure...i mean do they think no one handicapped will ever need to use the bathroom at the same time a diaper is being changed?!?!). you open the door to the stall only to find 3 things...a toilet, toilet paper dispenser and sanitary napkin trash can. you begin to sweat and think "where am i going to change this kid's diaper? i can't do it on the floor because it is just plain gross. there's clearly not enough room to lay him on the counter next to the sink. i'd take him out to the car, but we parked 5 blocks away (of course!). UGH!!!"
well...think no further...before heading out next time, check out this website. anthony and his wife started this website in an effort to research and rate changing facilities in our local area. they welcome any additional info you may if you would like to tell them about a place, i'm sure they'd really appreciate it!
together, we can change the world (or at least our kid's dirty diapers!) changing station at a time!


janet said...

i can't remembered what we did in the olden days!!

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