Tuesday, March 10, 2009

jodi...this blog's for you...

***i got everything in this picture for ONLY $16.45***
by using coupons and taking advantage of store deals i saved $36.11

as many of you know, derek's sister jodi introduced me to this new world of couponing that i've fallen in love with :) a few weeks ago, after calling jodi to tell her about the great deals i had scored that day, she laughed and said something like "oh my god. you're going to be one of those people who takes pictures of her deals and puts it on her blog."
so jodi...how does it feel to be right???

after checking my favorite money saving website i collected my coupons, made my lists and headed out to cvs and target

the deals i am most excited about...

huggies wipes - 99cents/184 pack - these retail for $5.99-7.99
secret deodorant - FREE
crest toothpaste - FREE
johnsons buddies bar - FREE
motts applesauce 6 pack - 19cents each - this retails at target for $1.69 each

i still need to go to walgreens this week and take advantage of the huggies diaper deal!


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