Friday, March 27, 2009

a penny saved... almost $11 earned!
that's right...this week, i hit some awesome deals at walgreens. unfortunately, derek put away the goods before i could snap a pic, so you'll have to use your imagination on this one...
i walked out of the store with...
11 cans tomato sauce - we use A LOT of this for cooking in our house
2 boxes kelloggs raisin bran
2 boxes kelloggs frosted flakes
pack of gum
a nice fancy razor/trimmer
headache meds
candy bar
by using my walgreens reward bucks and gift card (from previous rebates) i spent ZERO money out of pocket and actually EARNED $2 reward bucks and $8.79 in rebate gift card bucks!!!
these items would have cost over $36...BUT I MADE ALMOST $11 shopping!!!


staci said...

that's amazing!! i really should get on board with this coupon clipping craze. Go Amy!!

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