Tuesday, September 14, 2010

and he's off...


I can't believe my little baby started Preschool today...totally crazy!!! He was a bit confused this morning when I grabbed his backpack and put it in the car. He started screaming "walk walk walk!"...he wanted to walk to school, because this is how Andrew gets to school now! I thought it was pretty funny!
I am so glad I sent Jacob to camp at his school this past summer. It really gave him a chance to familiarize himself with the environment and people. As soon as we walked up he said "yeah, school!" He was a bit shy when we walked into the classroom, but that went away quite quickly. (much different than another child i once took to preschool!!!) Many of Jacob's new classmates are younger siblings of Andrew's friends from the preschool, so he recognizes them from playdates and such, which is great! It's also great for us moms!!!
Here is Jacob's first preschool art project...
the tree of life!


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