Saturday, May 14, 2011

lies i told my kids recently

yes...that's right...i lie to my kids....and i'm NOT afraid to admit it! sometimes lying to my kids makes life a little easier on all of us...ok, well maybe just on me...but hey, what they don't know won't might not hurt them!

***please children were harmed in the telling of these lies***

1... i told andrew i didn't have any money with me, so we wouldn't have to go to the concession stand after his tball game today

2... i told jacob that the "bike room" at school was closed for cleaning, so i could get him home for a nap, rather than staying to play after school

3... i told jacob that we didn't have a particular movie anymore, just because i simply could not stand to watch it or even hear it in the background again

4... i told andrew the iphone was charging, because i didn't want to have to argue with him about not playing a game on it

so....there you have it....just a few i can remember as i'm sitting here. trust me....there are many more....i guess i fib so much i can't even remember them all!!!


Rebecca Geller said...

Love this post! Sometimes white lies can save your sanity! Tonight I told sam that we ran out of dog food do ge couldn't feed the dog yet another dinner. And this afternoon I said that the character from his favorite cartoon was busy taking a nap which is why he couldn't watch it because everyone was supposed to be napping then!

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