Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Boy meets Girl

Nanny and Papa brought Lauren over to meet Jacob today. She was SO incredibly good with him and said such cute things! She was very aware of everything about Jacob, which truly amazed me. Some of my favorite comments from Lauren went something like...
"Oh, he's so cute" - said MANY times
"His toes are so small. His little toe is just a dot."
"Andrew, how do you like being a big brother?" - fyi...Andrew had no response to this question :)

Lauren really bonded with Jacob, and of course, had fun playing with Andrew while she was here too.

She refused to leave, when Nanny and Papa said it was time to go. She definitely did not want to leave her new baby cousin...which was SO cute! We can't wait to be together again and we look forward to when Jacob is able to meet his other two girl cousins, Sarah and Amelia.

On another note...we had a pretty sleepless night last night. Jacob would eat and then sleep for about 20 minutes (he was in the pack-n-play). This was the pattern from about 1am-5am. After the 5am feeding, we decided to have him sleep on Derek's chest, and we were able to get a nice 2 hour stretch of sleep. So, why am I up at 11:30pm blogging, when I clearly should be sleeping, you may ask??? To that question, I have no answer, other than I truly enjoy sharing these stories with you all and can't think of a better time to get it done :)

Hope you enjoyed today's post and the pics...


staci said...

Thank you so much for sharing such cute and wonderful stories with us. It really helps us feel connected between phone calls and visits. We can't wait to meet Jacob and see everyone again soon. Either DC or Barnell Farm!!
We love you and miss you all!! Extra hugs for big brother "baba ganoush".
Love, "Mickey" AKA Staci, Aleks and Mason

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