Saturday, June 21, 2008

Splish, Splash, I was...

taking a bath!

How cute is this...Big brother Andrew helping me give Jacob his first bath at home! Andrew was so gentle with Jacob. He would take little drops of water from his cup and drip them onto Jacob.

This was a great way for Andrew to display his role as "big brother" and he seemed to really enjoy it. Jacob, on the other hand, didn't seem too thrilled about the whole tub time experience. He wasn't, he didn't scream the entire time...but, he definitely let us know it was not his favorite thing to do. He was amazingly chilled out and content once he was wrapped up in the towel though...

In the evening, we had a fun visit from my Aunt Judy. Not only did she get to hold the newest member of the Banocy Bunch, she also spent some quality time with Andrew. Judy is such a special person in my life and it is always wonderful to see her interact with my kids. OMG...I think that's the first time I added an "s" onto the word kid, to make it plural!!! I have 2 boys!!! WOW, I am so incredibly blessed!


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