Monday, June 9, 2008

Could it be any hotter???

It is not even 10:30 in the morning, and says that it feels like 94degrees outside (actual temp is a cool 88!)...WHEW! Andrew and I were supposed to meet some friends at their pool, but plans were cancelled. So, we're trying to stay cool in the AC instead.

I decided that this baby inside me is smarter than we all think. As you all know, he/she has been trying to nudge its way into this world for quite some time now and has given us a few "close calls" when we thought he/she might arrive. I've been calling it "ironic" that since the doc gave us the ok last week, this baby has decided to play it pretty quiet. Well, I now realize that it is not irony...he/she is just smart and has realized that the air conditioned water world he/she is living in now, has GOT to be better than the heat we're feeling here on the outside world!

I've also decided that ants are pretty smart little bugs. Why, you ask? Well, they too, have realized that it's much nicer in the AC, than braving the outdoor elements. Trust me...we've been killing enough of them to know!!! Well, I guess they're not THAT smart, if they walk right into the trap :) We set up ant traps over the weekend and it was sick, just sick, how many ants came out of the woodwork (literally!). Next on my list of today's to-do' an exterminator!
I've posted some pics below from the weekend...


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