Monday, June 9, 2008

let's FACE it...

I must admit I never thought I'd start a blog...and I DEFINITELY never thought I'd join the world of Facebook! However, in the span of a weekend, I did both!

I've got to say, Facebook ROCKS! Thanks to Carrie Roth for getting me to sign on. I'll be calling you soon to find out what type of support groups exist for Facebook addicts...maybe FA...well, that wouldn't work because I have quickly learned there is nothing anonymous about facebook! I am just blown away by the number of people I am reconnecting with through this online social network. I'm chatting with sorority sisters, high school friends, camp peeps (including my own campers!), and so much more. I'm also finding pictures that I definitely forgot existed...and some that should've been burned years ago!

"gotta love that bikini top and those stuff!"

Perhaps I am just experiencing facebook virginity...but I have a feeling I'll still feel this excitement once the novelty wears off.


jodi said...

hate to say it, but I told you so!

Jigknitter said...'s like going over to the dark side. But the good dark side.

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