Sunday, June 8, 2008

Week in review

Now that you have an idea of what happened with the Banocy family in May...let's move on to June...well, the first week that is!

Since the doc had me on bedrest the beginning of the week, we received a lot of help from Nanny, Papa and many friends. THANK YOU ALL! Nanny spent the night at our house on Sunday, and took Andrew to camp Monday morning. After dropping him off, she ran a few errands for me (what a great mom!) and then returned to our house to clean, do laundry and wait on me :) After camp, she took Andrew back to Reston for a sleepover...and some spoiling! Not only did Andrew get a fancy new Mater truck (from CARS movie)...he also got ice cream and a sweet new pair of Crocs (his first pair!).

My mom came with me to the doc on Tuesday and got to hear the baby's heartbeat along with the great news that I could resume normal activity. I guess maybe we shouldn't have then proceeded to walk around Target for an hour, have lunch, go to the toy store & post office. Apparently, the baby didn't appreciate that leap back into the action and he/she let me know, by giving me contractions on Wednesday morning...starting at 4am! At 7am, I called the doc and they had me go to the hospital. I think you all know what happened there...basically I'll skip the details on that. While Derek and I were at the hospital, Andrew got to spend time at the playground with Nanny and Papa. Derek and Andrew went to the Cards vs. Nats game at night...which was postponed due to rain. Thanks to Uncle E, they were at least in a suite, with lots of good food and drinks!

Thursday was my dad's birthday and we enjoyed a fun lunch and ice cream together.

Friday was camp again (aka...4 hours of "Amy time" for me!). Today we took Andrew to a birthday party at My Gym, which he seemed to thoroughly enjoy.

He is now at the Schoener's having a sleepover and will spend the day there tomorrow playing with his cousins Lauren and Sarah. THANK YOU LEIGH & ERIC!!!

Derek and I just finished watching Juno...what a great movie! Not sure what took us so long to see it! So, it's technically Sunday morning (12:25am)...I'm blogging and Derek is learning a new computer program. Are we dorks or what?!?!? Well, not much else to do on date night in my current all know how I feel about sex and nipple stimulation :) Speaking of my current condition...I absolutely CAN NOT believe how swollen I feet, ankles, hands, fingers...all of it! I sat with cold towels wrapped around my feet and ankles while we watched the movie!



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